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Income Protection Insurance pays you a regular income if you can't work because of an illness or a disability and will continue until you return to paid work or you go on to retire. 
Income Protection means you are able to maintain a regular income while you cannot work. 
It not only protects you and your family if you cannot work, but it also pays out if you suffer with mental health issues. 
3% of the working population (around 1 million workers) will find themselves in a scenario where they are unable to work, according to the Association of British Insurers. 
If you have children or other dependants this problem could intensify as the worry and stress could prevent your recovery process. 
You are potentially going to need Income Protection if you are self-employed or if your current employer does not provide you with sick pay. If you are employed, we recommend that you read your employment contract to check what your employer will cover if you are unable to work. 
Income Protection may not be needed if: 
- You can survive on your company sick pay, for instance, some companies offer benefits that are over 12 months. 
- You have a sufficient amount of savings ready to support you. 
- You feel you could get by on government benefits. 
- You have someone who could help you financially e.g., a family member. 
- You are already in a position where you could take early retirement. 
Are you looking for Income Protection Insurance? We can help you find the best cover for your needs. Contact us HERE for more information on Income Protection. 
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