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As the Coronavirus nears it first anniversary and continues to govern every sector of our lives from employment to family life, we are eagerly striving to grasp ‘business as usual’ – but are our efforts for normality as we once knew coming with a price? 
Dr. Serra Pitts, Clinical Director of Digital Mental Health Tech Firm 87% and member of the British Psychological Society has stressed the importance of employers monitoring the wellbeing of their workforce. She states: 
"Businesses need measures in place that give them accurate insights into how staff are faring. Only with accurate insights can we put the right measures in place to build positive mental health over time." 
The Mental Health Wellbeing Report 2020 carried out by 87% concluded that as many as 43% of the thousands of users of the platform said they found it arduous to feel enthusiastic during the pandemic. 
Another cause for concern that is currently eclipsed by the physical implications of the virus is the worrying number of 18–25-year-olds who are feeling isolated and mentally fatigued despite the flexibility of working from the comfort of home. 
So, what steps can employers take to extinguish the flames and keep everyone’s cool as the fire of the pandemic rages on? 
As defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Occupational Health Services deal with all areas of health and safety in the workplace with a strong focus on preventing hazards. They are a requirement for businesses with the incentive to maintain a happy and healthy team. A content workforce inevitably results in increased productivity and staff return, so providing a key business asset is beneficial for both employer and employees. 
The objective of Occupational Health is to prevent illnesses and injuries occurring in the workplace through: 
• Studying how employers and employees can optimise working practices 
• Encouraging safe working practices 
• Monitoring the health and wellbeing of employees 
• Supporting the management of sickness absence 
Every employer has the responsibility to assess and provide a safe place work which includes a range of health, safety and welfare legislation that requires action. As a company with an extensive portfolio of up-to-date, accurate advice, we can counsel on current legislation, so depending on the size of business, we can point you in the right direction of employment happiness.  
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