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We have learnt some lessons during the pandemic. One is that we now have a better understanding of what people want from their healthcare providers. Fast and effective treatment is still a priority but awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing has increased. 
There is clearly a link between lifestyle and health outcomes so helping you to be healthier will benefit you, society and the health insurance sector. Encouraging you to have a healthier lifestyle and to be more aware of your day-to-day health with improved access to the right screening tests will improve outcomes for everyone. 
Some insurers, like Vitality, have been making a strong case for prevention and why it is better than a claim. Their arguments inspired the team here at Vida Insurance to take a closer look at the details. 
Digital healthcare 
When face to face consultations were limited we saw how digital pathways to medical advice and treatment could be used to help people with health concerns. As a result, health insurers have been reassessing what can be delivered. 
Innovation in telemedicine is speeding up and improving online appointment bookings, medical journeys and care requests. You can access and find your way around the healthcare system more easily and you don’t have to rely on NHS GP referrals and phone calls to insurers. Now you can access virtual GPs, make self-referrals and benefit from directional care pathways where the best consultants are recommended for you. 
Keeping fit 
Public Health England’s Better Health campaign showed that seven out of 10 adults were motivated to be healthier in 2021 following the pandemic. Eight out of 10 said they had decided to actively make changes to their lifestyle last year. 
There are significant benefits and there’s evidence that almost half (43%) of the country’s disease burden in 2019 was avoidable, with 88% being associated with lifestyle choices. 
This includes physical inactivity and poor diet and their role in risk factors such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. This is why health insurers who previously focussed on access to treatment are now looking for ways to encourage changes in behaviour that can lead to healthier lifestyles. The result will be better individual health and wellbeing, a healthier society overall, and less insurance claims. 
How do insurers help us to be healthier? 
We all know from our New Year resolutions that making healthy changes in our lives can be difficult to maintain. However, with the right nudges and incentives you can keep going and reduce a number of serious risk factors for your heart, diabetes, joint pain and cancer, for example. 
Some insurers, like Vitality, encourage customers to be more active with rewards including technology like an Apple watch or by earning points through positive behaviour to spend with partner retailers. 
You can choose which activities suit you best. There’s evidence that how we choose to stay active has changed during the last three years with walking for leisure becoming much more popular and with running and cycling maintaining their pre-pandemic levels. 
Insurers can also make advice available from professionals like nutritionists and fitness coaches who can guide your plans for a healthier lifestyle. 
Find out more 
While most people think about private medical care when they are considering healthcare insurance there is now a growing range of options available to you. 
Whether you’re looking for additional employee benefits or private health insurance for you and your family we offer whole of market advice based on your situation and requirements. 
Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your healthcare needs. 
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